May 6, 2012

The First Ever Street Art Tapestry Show

Posted by: vivache


Disrupting the gallery: Ruminations of a Street Artist 


Street Art cannot be stopped and the idea of getting your message out to a mass audience has artists pushing the limits and coming up with new methodologies to lead their campaigns, which is essential to propagating there messages. Major influences from the past and present exist, from the Egyptian hieroglyphics to Giant, Twister, Shepard Fairy and Banksy.  It is these artists who have made street art what it is today - inspiring others to join this art realm that never sleeps and is constantly reinventing itself.  It is all about getting up and being seen, an endless hustle of constant creation in any context from the latest news media icons to pop icon imagery, social-political and the ironic. 


The key to longevity in street art is determining innovative ways to disseminate and educate the masses.  In creating my concept, known as the Street Art Tapestry my goal was to insure that the art has scalability to be moved from the streets to the gallery – enabling the masses exposure to the message.   The Street Art Tapestry is a painted substrate that can be hung in the streets, overpasses, billboards, and city walls - essentially anywhere there is a surface – and can be of varying sizes.


Art galleries have a wonderful purpose, but access is not always one of them.  My goal in this creation is to enable everyone the chance to see my work.  Unlike a painted mural, the Street Art Tapestry has the ability to move and is everlasting.


I will be unveiling the world’s first ever Street Art Tapestry show at the Downtown LA Art Walk, June 14th, 2012.  It is because of the Development Manager, Kirk Thompson at the Corporation Building, that my vision will become a reality.  You are all welcome to be the first to see a show of this kind.

Event details: Outdoor parking lot, 716-724 Spring Street, in DTLA.
When: June 14, 2012, 7-10 pm

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