May 15, 2012

The Official Seattle Freedom 2012 Street Art Campaign Video...

Posted by: vivache

The Official Seattle Freedom 2012 Street Art Campaign Video is Here!!! Share this video with 25 friends and get a FREE poster.  Rules and restrictions apply, check official rules and restrictions.(Bottom)


Rules and Restrictions: #1.) All 25 friends you share the video link above with must push the like button on both Face Book, YouTube and follow @cherula on twitter #2.) Will only ship within the United States. #3.), Must pay $5 for shipping and handling. #4.) You must be able to prove that all 25 friends did what rule #1 has stated by emailing me your contact info via (*We will then determine if you are eligible and will confirm your order via email. Please be patient, because of high demand supplies are limited and we make no guarantees that posters will be available due to limited quantities . Again, thank you for your patients and your poster should arrive within 2-3weeks.)