Jul 25, 2013

VivaChe & CrossFit Gyms Team-up...

Posted by: vivache

As you know by now Michael "Che" Romero AKA: The CrossFit Artist has been teaming up with CrossFit Gyms through out the Greater Los Angeles Area to add even more life to their spaces, where all types of athletes, young and old, workout till exhaustion and literally drown in their own sweat. From CrossFit Means Streets of DTLA, Trojan CrossFit in the Arts District to Culver City CrossFit. Che has been on a rampage, painting empty walls and creating huge murals that help build these gym's community and brand presence.

Vivache w/ Marcos Salute

(Above) Che himself with owner Ronnie Teasdale of CrossFit Mean Streets and now famous Frank the #meanstreetsrat.

"I had a vision of using some sort of smiley as a logo for over a year now. A couple of weeks ago artist Michael "Che" Romero concluded my vision with this concept. He has been putting up paint in CrossFit gyms and he exceeded my expectations totally and he is one of the coolest guys I have met" -Ronnie Teasdale.