Aug 19, 2014

Che Collaborates With The Neighborhood Youth Association

Posted by: vivache

Che Collaborates With At Risk Youth Organization


Che  has collaborated with the Neighborhood Youth Association (NYA) this summer in a massive mural project that scaled a whole building. In his efforts to bring a mural that would visually represent the students, staff & alumni of NYA, Che started out with a focus group to gain insight on what NYA means to the community and how to communicate that on a visual level.

And so it begins with the "NYA Tree of Knowledge".  NYA builds a safe and secure environment where the kids eat that fruit of knowledge from the tree that helps to empower them.  As they swing off into the sunset over the flourishing community gardens, NYA youth begin their journey down the path of curiosity and enlightenment.  They capture books to gain the strength of knowledge, while embracing the power of education.  All of this is because NYA helps to build an everlasting community  bond while encouraging the "TOGETHER WE SUCCEED" mentality.

As they hold one another up and celebrate the achievement of their educational goals, students and community can celebrate in the attainment of the ultimate  Golden Diploma.  The cycle of success, leadership and education achievement continues as the seed of NYA is replanted.   The final panel depicts the massive pivotal journey of NYA students: a week-long self-realization trip to Yosemite National Park where they reconnect with nature and look forward to the future and all of the endless possibilities through life's binoculars!

"It was such a pleasure to lead this project with the 50+ NYA youth, staff members, and community leaders and observe how the power of art can transform, impact, and tell the story of those around." -Che