Sep 29, 2014

Che-Man Rises Above The Storms in Miami

Posted by: vivache

Che-Man Rises Above The Storms in Miami...


@snapofmiami stopped by to help out and snapped some great pics as well. #SnapOfMiami #CheMan #VivaCheMan #VivaChe #Che #streetarteverywhere #streetartmiami #streetart 

Che-Man in the heart of Miami's Art Basel in Wynwood. Photo by: Pablo Ramos of @SnapOfMiami

Thanks for the great pic @snapofmiami! It looks way better in the day light! #SnapOfMiami #CheMan #Wynwood #streetartmiami #streetartla #streetartsf #streetart #Wheatpaste


Amongst the storms of Racism, the treacherous winds of Imperialism & Fascism, and the heavy down pouring of Terrorism, rises Che-Man - provoking ideas of social change for all to see in the heart of Miami's Art District Wynwood where Art Basel is held. My goal is to take this message around the world all the way to Hong Kong and Turkey. While doing the installation in the Wynwood area around NW 24th St. and NW 5th Ave., there were several police cars in a two block radius and an army of police marching on foot like it was a war zone or training ground. Who & what are they trying to protect?

Extra #CheMan