Oct 23, 2014

Che-Man goes to Kingston, Jamaica

Posted by: vivache

 Che-Man in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica


At a first glance Kingston, Jamaica was very interesting, but when I began to immerse myself into the art, culture and food I realized how special Jamaica truly is.  From Marcus Garvey to Bob Marley, Jamaica continues to progress through the uprising and organizing of its younger generations through direct social and cultural change.  When I met Joan Webley the founder of Nanook a creative incubator in Kingston, I saw firsthand the embracing of new ideas and how they are creating social & cultural change directly. While at Nanook, I met Travis from Paint Jamaica, a creative art project which thrives off of crowd sourced funding. From the words of Travis, "Teamwork making the Dream work".  Paint Jamaica has been transforming Kingston's empty walls with positive messages and giving the youth a positive creative outlet uniting a plethora of local artist.  It was an honor to connect and meet all of you and I am looking forward to coming back to Jamaica for future projects!