Nov 16, 2014

Vivache's Street Art Gallery

Posted by: vivache


Just finished!!! What would Zapata do? Street Art Installation on La Cienega and Jefferson in Los Angeles.  Justice and equality will prevail. People take the power back!     #StreetArtLA #StreetArt #VivaChe #vivacheman #emilianozapata #EZLN #Zapata #zapa15'x8'Freestyle hand painted Marcos eyes another addition to Vivache's Street Art Gallery on the corner ofJefferson & La Cienega. More to come Sunday!    #losangeles #StreetArtGallery #VivaChe #VivaCheMan #EZLN #subcomandantemarcos #Marcos #revolution #re

The creation of a Street Art Gallery; on the corner of La Cienega & Jefferson there is a building that remains vacant with boarded up windows (a perfect street art gallery). This place has been a spot that I have been putting up Street Art for over 3yrs. from my Freedom poster campaign to the world renowned Che-Man & now the my mixed media and hand painted works of "What Would Zapata Do?" to the famous "Marcos Eye's". Viva-Che is intended to blend the old and the new ideas of equality and justice for all. I am the new Che and my intentions are to educate, enlighten and empower people through my imagery.