Mar 16, 2015

Street Art & The Power of Words

Posted by: vivache

Street Art & The Power of Words!


Do you have the power to create change? That is the question… The answer is simple; ABSOLUTELY!!! You are the creator of your destiny, you are the master of your universe and you have the power to create anything imaginable. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CREATE CHANGE!!! I truly believe in self empowerment and within each and everyone of us there lives is innate drive to greater our humanity and our selves. It has been over six weeks and this message continues to inspire and empower all that see it.  This is a testament to what positive street art messages can add to the surrounding environment.

Here is what the people have been saying.

@Lindshelens,  "A positve affirmation on my daily commute."

@Ali_inwunderland, "Starting to warm up this city. :)"

@chizucc_huxtable, "The drive home #UPLIFT."

Che created this handed painted message in Los Angeles

(Photo by: @Che_2a, who is L.A.'s infamous street art photographer.)

Vivache's Street Art Empowering Messages LIVE

(Photo by: @Danielstrife)