May 28, 2015

The Heads of Great Levitate

Posted by: vivache

Street Art Installation:

   "The Heads Of Great Levitate"

Street Art Installation Downtown Oakland

"The Heads of Great Levitate" Latex and oil on masonite (2Pac & Biggie heads being help by mystic deity who sits on the world)

When I went back to document thie installation, to my surprise the heads of great were given halos (respect) with a crossed out face and the words, "F*** Anarchist Hipster" written in silver paint! BRILLIANT! This kid (tag crew foot soilder) must have a boss and is quick to pull the trigger!
Thoughts? I used to be a writer, we would break kids necks for going over our shit (karma). I went to college and learned that instead of writing my tag name over and over and over again (narcissist to a degree), my thought process shifted (an epiphany), having the ability to create something that can intellectually stimulate humanity and in the end create change. No disrespect to all my writers, but I leave you with this quote. "Be the change you want to see in this World." -Gandhi

Vivache Street Art Installation Downtown Oakland