Nov 21, 2017

Art Mural Downtown Los Angeles

Posted by: vivache
Che creates this spectacular custom 25'x12' art wall mural in Downtown Los Angeles. 
Che believes in producing art that speaks volumes to the viewer. Through his process and mural painting work across the country, his work exemplifies his love and passion for creating wall murals. It is always his endeavor to excel and deliver top-notch work in each and every one of his pieces. With wide creative range and sensitivity to each creation; Che remains at the top and serves numerous happy clients impressed with all of his custom artwork offerings.

Every work of art he executes is astonishing, a creative process that will take on hues and patterns and shapes creating a narrative in the viewer's eyes. As a muralist, Che works through this process of discovery and a continual effort towards perfection, thus composing and creating one of a kind works of art. He plays with colors, textures, shapes, and movements to create excellent mural works. His paintings are a reflection of this creativity he imbibes in his subconscious and perspective.

Che continues to push himself as a way to evolve and greater his creative intellect, which is proven in his mural painting and body of work. His offerings range from acrylic/oil paintings and wall murals, bringing you the complete spectrum of his talent and skill-set.